Ultracold matter group Peter Schauss Department of Physics, University of Virginia

Open Positions

We currently have openings and opportunities: If you are interested in working with us do not hesitate to contact Peter Schauss at pschauss@virginia.EDU. Information for prospective graduate students can be found at www.phys.virginia.edu/GraduateBrochure.
Excited about working in the field of ultracold atoms? Just ask for possibilities to join as visiting researcher, summer student, exchange student etc. Postdoc applicants from Europe are encouraged to apply for funding through Marie Curie Global Fellowship Program.
Another fellowship opportunity is the UVA Rising Scholars Postdoctoral Fellows Program, which combines research with teaching and professional development.
Also, we are always looking for bright, motivated undergraduates and high school students to work on projects involving optics, electronics, ultrahigh vacuum, software design and quantum physics. Please send an email to Peter Schauss.

Exemplary undergraduate projects:
  • Laser system for laser cooling
  • Atomic spectroscopy
  • Electronics for experiment control and monitoring
  • Setup and design of the ultrahigh vacuum chamber
  • Magnetic field stabilization
  • Computer control system for the experiment
  • Small theory projects